Thursday, July 10, 2008


...intuition is a little special!

So, have you ever met someone and just knew, beyond the beyond, that they chewed proudly with their mouth open.
And not just when they talked, but even when they were just concentrating on taste and getting the food from plate to palate. Like all the time.

Be patient with me...Old School is on and my attention is getting sometime deflected.

So, I went to the dentist yesterday fr the first time in 5 years and it was free. Never been to the dentist and it be free before...because I have benefits. Love those guys.

BUT, I ask the dentist, "Is it a dental malady that people who chew with their mouth open look a certain way?" And he did what I think a 'guffaw' would be.

Didn't answer the totally honest question. But he had like a root canal in the next room crabbing about nitrous oxide at 8 am. and some shit along those lines.

And this is where intuition comes into play: I didn't like a certain person for the very reason that they were big-mouthed and mean. UnChristian. Unlike the big fellow. And then they said some shit about my muppy (monster puppy) and then I noticed that they chewed with the mouth agape and then I realized that second chance to my first initial intuitive experience about them was unnecessary. Intuition of a person, place or thing is crucial and should not be ignored.

SO...unrelated topic, I am going to chair and host two events at my work in the next month or two. One is a refrigerator cleaning venture in the breakroom and the other is to host a "Silly Olympics" where "Prune Juice Flip Cup" and "After-Lunch Jump Rope Off," will occur. It's going to be epic and I might drink on the job that day.

I've got a hang nail. I think it will never go away.

I've been reading vampire books. I want to be one. Only if God is merciful though. And I'll only eat chipmunks. I swear. God, Are you reading this? Make my dreams come true for once. I believe in you. I mission for you. Do this for me!


No one is reading this and that is super swell.

Intuition is super. And I love it. You should, too!

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Kelly J said...

i'm reading sam.

i'm reading, and i'm loving.