Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should not I be pissed... I'm basically qualified but there are people more qualified that don't work here but maybe should provided that a) kiss tookus, b) actually take prescription meds, and/or c) become amazed at how corporations can anagramize inspirational b.s. in order to further their own interests.

Human Resources should further be called "Vast Waste of Allocated Monetary Resources." VWAMR. Vawamer.

I'm done wasting energy on overwhelmed people by day, underwhelming people by night.

I want to go on record here in saying that I love people. People can really just say the wrong thing to the right person right on time and it's like that magic chuckle materializes.

Like today, my coworker, who is super neato, was eating Hot Cheetos, a hot dog, and then put on some Chapstick during the middle of his feast. So I said to him, "All you need is a well placed match and you might spontaneously combust." And he said, "Get fucked you crazy bitch!" It's like he knew I wanted him to call me that.

I love the human mind. It's resilient and endless.

I need to write more. I'm rusty.